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Redemption in Richmond: A Memoir of Resilience in the Face of Extreme Adversity, is a thought-provoking, inspirational memoir, part of which was featured as a cover story for Froedtert Healthy Living Magazine of Wisconsin in 2013. A story that once prompted a renowned doctor of psychotherapy on the east coast to inquire, "How are you alive?" Upon hearing my response, "I don't know!", he answered, "I know: because your will to live is stronger than your desire to die!" 

This memoir is about an ordinary, husky, small-town boy with numerous health afflictions, who grows up, finds success as a high-end jeweler, dabbles briefly in modeling, saves the lives of eight people, cheats death on several occasions, is gay and much more. A story that also includes his numerous encounters, interactions and friendships with people poor and less fortunate, ultra-wealthy, powerful, famous, infamous and historic, all while quietly enduring profound bigotry, hatred, discrimination and abuse throughout the course of his life. 

As the subtitle states, however, I've also experienced extreme adversity. A few examples are: a rare birth defect, five heart surgeries, three car accidents, rape, PTSD, extreme family dysfunction, bullying, more than ten assaults - sexual, physical and violent in nature - perpetrated by men and women alike (some before age eighteen), I have bipolar disorder and more. 

Though many people have written acclaimed memoirs of shattered dreams, suffering, and grief, this book purposely, yet humbly reveals an unvarnished, almost unbelievable collection of hardships, interspersed between less intense, and in some cases, entertaining narratives. The type of book that seeks to deliver authentic encouragement, inspiration and hope that may potentially leave many readers feeling contented with their own lives, while equally inspiring others to surmount and conquer challenges in their private and/or public lives. 
This book was written with the heartfelt desire to encourage readers everywhere to never consider throwing in the towel. In particular, those who are desperately seeking answers to questions I most likely asked myself many times throughout my life, the most obvious being, “Why are these things happening?”
No matter what you've been through or what you're going through presently, please know that it’s never too late for redemption. The human spirit wasn't intended to be abused, bent, or broken, but it does have an incredible ability to heal and overcome. People are so much stronger than they give themselves credit for. I know, because I now have the luxury (finally) to speak from the vantage point of 59 years of experience! And like many of you wonderful folks out there, we share something in common: we know what it's like to journey to hell and back...and we're still alive to tell our stories. I hope all of you are able to find solace and a sense of peace upon reading the introduction in the blog section. And if you feel so inclined, please drop me a note and let me know how you're doing! We're all survivors and we're all in this thing together. Let's support one another!   
With that said, I'd like to dedicate this website to survivors of bullying, hatred, physical violence and discrimination of any kind, everywhere. This website is my gift to you!  

"The people that are there for you on your darkest nights are the ones worth spending your brightest days with." 

Sending you my very best,





This book, Redemption in Richmond: A Memoir of Resilience in the Face of Extreme Adversity, is the remarkable, true story of Todd Carl, a warrior in the truest sense of the word.


Todd has successfully cheated death on numerous occasions, all while simultaneously navigating the dark, turbulent waters of bipolar disorder, mental illness discrimination, life-threatening heart issues, senseless hate crimes, physical violence, PTSD and much more.  Beginning with the unfolding drama during Todd's fathers’ internment ceremony in Arlington National Cemetery, the story immediately flashes back to the very beginning of Todd's life. His story has all the makings of a big screen drama. In Todd’s early twenties, he leaves his provincial mid-western town of West Bend, Wisconsin to venture off to school in Los Angeles where he experiences true independence for the first time in his life. This is also the period of time that would signal the beginning of a lifetime of numerous health issues (some potentially fatal) which nobody - not even Todd himself - could have ever predicted.


Redemption in Richmond is an overwhelmingly complex, sophisticated, lurid, tragic but ultimately inspirational story that follows Todd's nomadic existence from coast to coast while shining a spotlight on current, newsworthy issues such as suicide awareness and prevention, sexual orientation discrimination and harassment in the workplace today that is almost never discussed but is very real.


Despite Todd's many social, medical and psychological challenges, he manages to find true love but not before experiencing the sadness of its polar opposite… unrequited love. Todd also meets, conducts business with and befriends the rich, the famous and the infamous. From innumerable, past experiences, he also identifies with the poor, the downcast, the forgotten and the disabled. And as an openly proud, gay man, he is equally proud of his relationship with God and vehemently opposes hypocrisy within the ranks of the Christian faith when addressing the never-ending controversy of whether or not gay individuals can still be Christians.   


Todd's humility is openly displayed when discussing the several lives he has saved and the 4 years he served as a caregiver to his elderly parents, both of whom suffered from dementia… all while recovering from his 5th heart operation. Todd proudly demonstrates the many ways in which a person with mental illness is fully capable of living a normal, exciting existence while simultaneously fulfilling many childhood dreams and fantasies along the way. This memoir is chock full of joy, sadness, humor, tragedy, heroism and humility, not to mention all the many interesting anecdotes dispersed throughout the entire book. Todd’s story finally concludes with an unexpected, emotional and inspiring ending, one that is sure to  ignite the flames of self-evaluation among readers everywhere and prompt them to consider reading the entire book or at minimum, certain chapters, in order to fully capture this book’s true message: Redemption is not a gift, it’s fulfillment!





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Todd Nordquist is an expert on, and advocate for, mental health, diversity, and tolerance. Previously, Todd spent nearly thirty years working off and on in the jewelry industry; his primary areas of expertise being sales, networking and designing bespoke jewelry for many of his wealthy clientele.  Despite Todd’s numerous health issues throughout his adult life, he also managed to graduate from the Gemological Institute of America’s Diamonds in Residence program  while the school and world headquarters was still located on Stewart Street in Santa Monica, California. His attendance at the GIA also became the first time Todd experienced independence in his life. Several years later, Todd enrolled himself in DePaul University’s adult education program called The School for New Learning while living and working in the city of his childhood dreams... Chicago. Todd grew up in the heartland of America, specifically, the upper mid-west town of West Bend, Wisconsin. Todd’s love for jewelry was always his primary passion although he easily excelled in several other creative activities during his middle and high school years. One particular intramural class during his middle school years involved him and several of his classmates constructing a beautiful, wooden, full-size canoe, with the inaugural launch taking place in the indoor swimming pool located in Badger Middle School….Success! The canoe passed it’s seaworthiness test with flying colors!  


Another of Todd's creative interests was photography (and still is to this day). Nevertheless, the one talent he continued to remain silent about was his creative writing abilities, which would later prove to be quite valuable during his attendance at DePaul School for New Learning. One notable essay paper he wrote found him researching and ultimately producing a unique narrative (for it’s time) that would garner him a well-deserved “A” which he admits, is still one of his finest short, written works. The topic? The impact computers would have on the future of professional tennis, in particular, lines judging. Little  did he realize his writing prowess, OCD and unusual attention to the smallest of details at that time would ultimately lead him on a nearly 30-year odyssey through the diamond and high-end jewelry industries and by a sheer twist of irony, bring him right back to where it all began… his love of creative writing. 


As Todd continued to work and build a solid reputation for himself within the jewelry industry in cities from coast to coast, his expert, personalized customer service and bespoke, high-end jewelry designs for his wealthy and well-known clientele easily allowed him to find unique employment opportunities at famous establishments along the way…places like the world renowned Laykin et Cie Precious Jewels at I. Magnin. During its heyday, the famous I. Magnin department store chain was without equal and considered one of the most luxurious, high-end, specialty stores in the entire United States during the mid to latter part of the 20th century. Though both firms are now defunct, the ingenious pairing of Laykin et Cie and I. Magnin could only be found at three locations throughout Chicago, one location in Phoenix and several locations throughout the state of California. On reflection, both stores will forever be remembered as the favorite gathering place for many of the world’s richest and most famous individuals, among them, the Saudi Royal Family.


Having started with the Michigan Avenue location of Laykin et Cie initially, and in a surprise move by founder Sol Laykin himself, Todd was presented (in late Spring of 1990) with “the promotional opportunity of a lifetime.” At the age of 28, Todd accepted the offer from Mr. Laykin, moved to Phoenix, Arizona and assumed the role of Director of the Biltmore Fashion Square location of Laykin et Cie. But in 1991, knowing Mr. Laykin’s health was in decline, Todd found himself being scouted one day by the vice president of Neiman Marcus Precious Jewels (the new Neiman Marcus of Scottsdale was in its final stages of construction). Todd would eventually accept Neiman’s offer and join the staff in the Fall of 1991 while the finishing touches of that store were taking place all around him and the rest of the entire store staff. Coupled with his nearly 4-year tenure at Laykin et Cie, his honesty, integrity, friendly persona and effortless social skills allowed him to easily carve out a distinctive niche for himself within the industry he candidly refers to as “the greatest love affair of my life.”

These days, when Todd is not at his laptop writing, he can be found gardening – another passion – in the peaceful forest and meandering creek grounds of the residence he shares with two members of his “family of choice”, John and Sarah, as well as their two dogs Conner and Camille.



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